Inland Strello Mountain / Inland Strello Mountain is a direct evocation to the Lagoa Escura, Dark Lagoon, located on the top of Serra da Estrela, Portugal, and the myths that led to the delirious 1881's expedition to that location.

Until the ending of the 19th century, folklore described an underground tunnel that connected the lagoon to the deep bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, as only such geological phenomenon would justify the shipwrecks that locals claimed to see through the lagoon's turbid waters. This myth found world wide echo through Melville's misspelled reference in Moby Dick.

The piece was comprised by three unorthodxly disposed subwoofers continuously playing low range frequencies, filling up the acoustical space, making aesthetical use of phase annulment and reverberation; and a sort of altar made by a live computer generated image projected on a marble panel, reacting to the surrounding sound and depicting unclear land relief.
Collaboration w/ Jonathan Uliel Saldanha
Type / Live Presentation
Materials / 3x SubWoofers + Projection on Marble
Context / Commissioned by Expedição
Duration / 30'00''
Year / 2013