CAAA — Guimarães / PT

Heliocentric rig that conducts orbital routes of phosphenes, reflections and specular conglomerates. The outward and radial behaviour of the contraption begins with a core coaxial rotor that articulates the motion of three gear motors each with different torques and speeds. This component is responsible for the revolvement of 12 acrylic surfaces that reflect the light beams from 8 LED projectors. The resulting reflections collide with an array of 8 external mirrors, held at 45º by an octagonal iron structure of twinned easels. The surrounding space was bathed with glycerol smoke and a static granular harpsichord drone.

This project was supported by the CAAA and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

* A computational simulation of light behaviour within the structure can be found here.