The Pure & The BLANK
The Pure & The Blank is an ensemble of two pieces dwelling with the computational reconstruction of Terry Atkinson and Michael Baldwin's Map of Thirty-Six Square Mile Surface of Pacific Ocean West of Oahu, 1967.    ¶    As direct inheritors of Lewis Carrol’s Hunting of the Snark illustrations, the maps drawn by the Art&Language made use of the subtitle text as some sort of image catalyzer. Through the political and scientific presence of text, aided by the vacuity of cartographical depiction, narrative coherence and context were imposed upon otherwise abstract geometric forms by the external instructions of the subtitles.    ¶    These reconstructions expand the role given to written text as the image is, in itself, the direct result of text. The previously blank frame was filled with generic algorithmic constructions that, despite their abstraction, work with subtitles in order to create a pseudo-scientific image.