Three Parrots from Guadeloupe is a short film revolving around one single character — the spirit of place — and the possibility of a radical spatial expansion following a room-to-planetary-to-cosmos progression. Composed by a series of steady shots of my grandparent’s house and its surroundings accompanied by fabricated room tones, the film explores not only the plasticity of absence, but also the physical imposition of two unknown figures rendered through objects and heirlooms, culminating in the mutation of a home into a wormhole.    ¶    Shot over a weekend, the film takes place in three different scenarios blended together as a continuum; my grandparents' house in a small village in a northern part of Portugal, my grandfather’s shack in a nearby forest and a hollow rock, a typical geologic phenomenon in that region. These three sets and their inner deviations intend to build a low definition reconstruction of the universe inhabited and left behind by these two characters who remain impalpable, but still too present to refuse as mythological.
6 & 7th Nov 2015 | Aesthetica Short Film Festival | York, UK