Automata Suboptimal
Aural-Mechanical Installation
Polyutherane Foam / Aluminum Structure / Motors / Mechanical Parts / Speaker / Smoke Machine / Steel Cables / Tubular Lamps / CPU / Custom-made Software (Max MSP) / LED Projectors / Lithium Batteries

Variable Dimensions

Developed from Pafnuty Chebyshev’s Lambda Linkage, Automata Suboptimal is a zoomorphic kinetic structure that presents a suspended physical implementation of the Russian mathematician’s kinematic linkage — which turns rotational motion into near-linear motion — topped by a black irregularly shaped body/head. From the body/head’s orifices one can see smoke coming out, and hear the object struggling in a real-time synthetic reading of Rudyard Kipling’s If — a text chosen for its structure of nested material implications (if x then p) and the controversial nature of its final verses (p).