Sound Installation
4 x Speakers / CPU / Audio Interface / Cabling / Concrete / Laser Guides
200 x 200 x 40 cm

Four-channel procedural sound installation that aims to explore further the chromatic and geometrical structures of the S. Vicente Panels. The research for this piece departed from a taped conversation between Egídio Álvaro and Almada Negreiros. In it, the modernist painter and poet described an episode in which he, Santa Rita Pintor and Amadeo Souza Cardoso, while visiting the Janelas Verdes museum, stood in front of the panels and swore to study them until the end of their lives. Santa Rita and Souza Cardoso both died the next year. Almada Negreiros kept on studying the piece, producing and series of composition and geometrical studies which would actually be regularly re-deployed in his own work. Further Studies on The Panels runs on a stack of custom-made sound synthesis software designed to produce not only a sonification of Almada Negreiro’s work, but also new readings on the panels through the usage of computer vision tactics. The procedural and deterministic outcome is played on four speakers mounted on concrete guards, organized along two axis — mimicking the initial steps of Negreiro’s analysis, the division of the panels by a centred cross — which are extended across the room by red lasers.



(* Sequences excerpts as outputted by custom-made software at a T time.)