Live Sound Piece
Commissioned by SUPERNOVA Ensemble
for CIRCULAR Festival.

… it is not sufficient to have the whole world at one’s disposal — the very infinitude of possibilities cancels out possibilities, as it were, until limitations are discovered 1. As an exercise dedicated — perhaps trivially — to the autonomic and tautological mechanics of artworks, Gesture & Synthesis bootstrapped into materiality by arbitrarily adopting the Collatz conjecture as a scheme of techno-logical constraints. The infamous unsolved mathematical problem provided a tractable framework to develop a partial sense of direction and plasticity that would unfold into a chaining of interdependent objects — sound synthesis software, physical wave generators [︎︎︎], percussive guidelines, stage architecture — which, in turn would structure a live stage piece for percussion, CDJs, electronics and visuals.

Conception, Construction, Programming: Diogo Tudela
Percussion: João Tiago Dias, Mário Costa
CDJs: Diogo Tudela, José Alberto Gomes
Live Sound Design: Daniel Santos
Co-Production: Circular, Gnration

1 Roger Sessions (1962) Problems and Issues Facing the Composer Today in The Musical Quarterly, Volume XLVI, Issue 2, April 1960, Pages 159–171.
New York: W. W. Norton & Co. ISSN 0027-4631



(* Sequences excerpts as outputted by custom-made software)
(* Live recordings available soon)