Sound Installation
Concrete / Still  / Acrylic / AC Motors / LED Par Lights / Webcams / Custom-made Software / CPU / Speakers 
150 x 60 x 180 cm

Two wave generators constructed both as stand-alone sound installations and as instruments to be tooled as part of the Gesture & Synthesis live stage piece [︎︎︎]. The concrete and still objects work as a sort of inward projectors or shadow theatres; each projector holds a pair of removable and interchangeable black acrylic discs generated from Collatz sequences — the mathematical conjecture that holds the whole Gesture & Synthesis body of work — which spin at different speeds and directions, while, through a computer vision algorithm, an internal webcam calculates the average silhouette produced by the contours of both shapes when passing through the projector’s oculus. The resulting outcome is then used as a wave profile in a wavetable synthesis process.