Reggaeton or a Haptic Lecture on Pressure to the North
Performance/Sound Installation
Car Engine / Workshop Crane / Gas / Electric Circuit /
Extraction Tubing /2 × Subwoofers / 2 × Top Speakers / Amplifier Audio Interface / 3 × Microphones / 2 × Contact Micriphones / Laptop 4 × RGBW LED Projectors / Wooden Structure / Video Projector
Variable Dimensions

A sound system dedicated to the hybridisation of automotive culture, synthetic voice, reggaeton and the libidinal functions of machinery expressed within the hyper-sexualities deployed by urban musics in Madrid, in the early 2020s. The performance / sound installation triggers and mixes — in real time — a series of digital dembow instrumentals while deploying sonic objects obtained by the sonic collisions — signal multiplication, cross synthesis, spectral folding — of voice and engine sounds.