Surfacism or the Radial Dispersion of Power
Solo Exhibition + Extension

2018 — 2019
Solo exhibition combining a video installation, a sound installation
and a series of mechanical drawings. These objects were triggered
by a now deprecated personal reading on power and freedom dynamics embedded in coordinate systems, notions fuelled by misreadings of both George Bataille’s Solar Anus and Reza Negarestani’s initial remarks on The Machines Are Digging.

The conception argued that the horizontal protocol embedded within the geometrical configuration of the human face renders possible the evasion from the vertical architecture inaugurated between the Su and the terrestrial inner core, which is replicated between parietal bone and sphincter. This perpendicular detour, promoter of locomotion, freedom, contact and violence, grants access to surface as a primordial plane of action, from where the prospect of a local transcendence, invariably mechanic and presential, irradiates. The existence of operational possibilities within Earth’s surface is a direct result of the peripheral nature of the region. Besieged by two centres of figurative, gravitational and thermodynamic power, Sun and inner core (both at burning at 5430o), the planet’s solid crust secures a geometrical context for the transversal free association — and therefore, of cosmological disobedience — of matter and narratives by granting the minimal distance necessary to bypass the totalitarian mechanisms of a planetary vertical vector (macht), and allowing a totality of horizontal manoeuvres of manipulation, traction and friction (puissance).

Intensity ∝ 1/Distance2

Such tensions, translated by the inverse-square law, can be formulated when opting for polar coordinates (radial) instead of the Cartesian system (orthogonal) as an analysis — and hence regulation — instrument of spatial construction and configuration. Such system enables not only the localising of a centre — and its antithesis— but also the modelling of information flows, and their morphological mutations across distances. In a polar system, density, stagnation and immobilisation diminish exponentially as a point distances itself from the centre. From that perspective, it’s precisely due to its topological role that surface encloses the resulting turmoil and playfulness of a peripheral dynamism, as this phenomenon relies on the dispersion of a central power that takes place precisely at the surface — away from the centre.
  1. Untitled 1a ︎︎︎
    Sound Installation 2019
  2. Untitled ︎︎︎
    Sound Installation 2018
  3. Untitled ︎︎︎
    Video Installation 2018
  4. Untitled ︎︎︎
    Mechanical Drawing Series 2018