Limited Cassette Editon / 500 Copies
ExperimentalAcidSound ArtNoise

As the first instalment of a series dedicated to the investigation on the notion of tooling within artistic practices sustained by the actual construction of tools, this initial volume compiles a small collection of exercises whose only aggregation factor lies on their formal and technical genesis. Stemming from a selection of audio files recorded on past occasions that go from sound installations to software experiments which include field recordings, results of failed physical modelling synthesis implementations, and preliminary outputs from neural networks, the twelve tracks that make up this release can be characterised as formal intertwinements of such materials.

The interlacing (form) of these raw signals (matter) was done through the construction (tooling) of a granular-synthesis-based system that scans, sequences, and organizes sound spatially through epicyclic structures. The still-unnamed software responsible for such sonic constructions is still in a development stage and is a first personal operational attempt into the SuperCollider synthesis server (scsynth).